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United States
Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: As you can guess from above I enjoy good time oldies. I also like the parody stylings of Weird Al
Favourite photographer: My best female friend, Crystal
MP3 player of choice: I still use a tape recorder held up to speakers. Is that old school or just plain ghetto?
Shell of choice: Turtle/tortoise. Probaly not what it's asking for but, eh.
Favourite cartoon character: 1. Bugs Bunny, 1.5. Goofy, 2. Garfield, 2.5. Charlie Brown and Snoopy, 3. Buster Bunny, 4. Gonzo?...
Personal Quote: ''You can enjoy almost anything you like to do, as long as you can carry yourself well''
Hello and welcome. I am Animasters! This, of course, is my own DeviantArt page that I have been working on creating. With the help and inspiration of my friends, I have decided to join this unique community to express myself to you and others alike. To share interests, opinions, likes and dislikes, favorite works of other Deviants, and perhaps some works of my own. My main goal, however, is to perhaps reach out to those who share one of my most favorite areas of personal interest. This is of course......animation.

  Growing up, my loving parents provided me with everything one would expect any parent to give a child. As an infant, I'd receive a pacifier to stay quiet. As a young child, I'd receive a pacifier in the form of  a wonderful magic glowing box. Not to say 80's cable was a substitute for parental love. Just a form of captivating entertainment. And what entertainment it was. I indulged in many kid friendly programs of current time and time before. From Golden-Age to New age Retro. From the channels of Classic Disney to the up and coming Nickelodeon. And with the new age of animation in the form of the 90's around the corner, my horizons soon widened.

   Perhaps I watched T. V. as an alternative to outside play. Perhaps as the youngest my folks felt obligated to treat me special in this way. Whether or not this interest began as my will or otherwise, it became an interest that I knew, I liked, and soon understood. With an impressionable mind and long term memory, I remembered more than my fair share of shows. It was about the only thing I did well compared to others. Though no skill or soon needed talent, I decided still to perfect it. I already could tell a Bob Clampet from a Bob McKimson, ''Plane Crazy'' came before ''Steamboat Willie'', and that Tweety Bird was in fact a male (RoadRunner too). And with more shows of the 90's coming, I just had to study more indeptly the historical contributions of most of them. Now I understand such concepts as creators and directors, voice actors, inside jokes, anthologies, and the different forms of media that cover the same show or character(comics, movies, books, radio, etc.).

   With an established interest of the programing on Disney, Nick, and several other channels, I now had the worlds of Fox, WB, and Cartoon Network(forged from USA Network) open to me. Presenting new realms of stories and entertainment. Most of them clever, fast, and even groundbreaking. My imagination blossomed from inspiration. To realize my new vivid thoughts, I turned towards drawing to give them form. This was a talent that was recognized as much as my writing was. Some years later I also took up theater thinking ''I gave my ideas form now I would give them a voice''. This too I felt naturally about. Then I realized they weren't really different talents from each other. They all meant I was creative all around. I had much going on in my mind that I felt I needed to find ways to express. I found many ways except one. Finding someone to share my thoughts with.

   Eventually I was able to find those who would except me for who I was. Many like most people came and went. Though the filtered some did manage to stay by my side, few as they were. Even with quality being favored over quantity, I still felt I needed to find my people. My environment. My friends will always be my best friends, I just needed my voice not just to be heard but to be understood as well. Then I was presented an great idea. I had heard of this site that had a large number people sharing not just art but ideas and comments as well. I was as interested in what some had to say as as many deviantart pages I had in my favorite list. And I had a lot.  
Taking too much, I finally worked up the nerve to create my page. Not only to store all of these great pages, but to hopefully join in on many chats covering issues I can relate, debate, and participate.

   So here I am now. From watching one magical glowing box to conversing through another (my computer of course). My page complete with even a new moniker. I chosen the name ''Animasters'' because almost all of who I am is the definitive combination of all I have taken in from the world of animation and other forms of entertainment alike. Specifically the influences of the animation directors of the golden age of cartoons. Hence the plural s, not proclaiming I myself am an ''Animaster'' but represent those before me. On a personal interest level though, not as some self proclaimed P. R. man.

   And with my secret origins now finally unveiled, I am ready to enjoy all that I can from DeviantArt. Perhaps even to see what anyone can enjoy from me. As long as this site exists, I will always keep searching for more favorites to add(and plug) in my favorites. Eventually I would like to add some works of my own. All in good time for now. Before I finally(hooray?) finish up my personal summery, I'd like to thank all who inspired and helped in creating my page. To those who have wonderful pages which I have visited already.  Those who made me aware of this great site. And of course, this site in general. Thank you DeviantArt for allowing the opportunity to express myself in this new way. To enjoy the creativity, the lifes of so many others. The chance to smile and mayhaps the chance to make others too.

   And thank you reader for getting through this far. I will be writting soon again in my journal with more on info and updates on myself on my page. With much shorter entries of course. This can be considered the flag ship to my scripted fleet. Thank you DeviantArt members, for reading about........Animasters!

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